Open to the Public 7 days a week

Sporting Clays

A lot of people have compared sporting clays to golf and some even call it golf with shotguns.  Strap your shotgun in to one of golf carts and set off into the rolling desert terrain stopping at each station to shoot clays.  Every station is unique in its set-up.  Shoot at various targets going away from you, crossing left to right or right to left, incomers, or even clays rolling through the desert sand simulating rabbits.  After shooting a round of sporting clays, you will definitely want to come back for another round. 

Our sporting clays course stretches a little over a mile along desert terrain with 21 stations set for the beginner shooter all the way to the master class shooters. .  No matter the skill level, our course will offer a fun and exciting experience.  The course overlooks the Eldorado Valley and Boulder City providing a scenic setting for the shooter’s enjoyment.




Sporting Clays                                                         Public/Member

Sporting Clays Per Round of 25                              $12/$7

Sporting Clays Per Round of 100                            $46/$28

Sporting Clays (1,000)                                              NA/$250