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Cowboy Action Shooting

The Pro Gun Cowboys, a venue within Pro Gun Club, hosts a Cowboy Action Shooting match every 1st Saturday and  3rd Saturday of each month.  The Shooting Match starts at 9 AM after an 8:30 AM mandatory shooters briefing. We shoot 6 "stages" and finish early afternoon. Pro Gun Club membership is mandatory.


Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a timed, scenario based shooting competition where participants use firearms that are typically associated with The Old West and the American Cowboy. Single Action revolvers, Lever Action rifles, and a "Scattergun" are the order of the day in this shooting sport. Competitors will use authentic or replica revolvers such as Colt’s Peacemaker or Ruger Vaqueros. Rifles are of the lever action type made by Winchester, Marlin and other approved rifles that utilize a pistol cartridge. Both of the aforementioned firearms use ammunition that uses a lead bullet only. No jacketed, copper washed, or gas check bullets are allowed. Shotguns are either a side-by-side double barrel without ejectors or pump action shotguns with an exposed hammer such as were made by Marlin or Winchester. Most participants wear traditional Old West attire. Matches are run according to Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) rules.


For more information contact:

Jim Bandy  (702) 564-9979    (Diamond Jim Bandy)

Bob Walker  (702) 327-2586  (Shilo)